Bespoke Sessions

Our Bespoke Service is, as the name suggests, an opportunity for our Clients to consider what is required from an M&A information programme and to work with us to tailor something with you to specifically meet those requirements.

There are no pre-determined structures to the Bespoke format and Clients can pick and choose content from any of the sessions available. It is also possible and viable to enhance any of the exiting sessions to incorporate material that is company specific or that you would like presented in a particular way.

For larger organisations that have developed internal M&A teams, it may be appropriate to build a specific set of sessions that mirror how your organisation approaches transactions; from return on investment models, to internal decision making protocols, to deal ethics and approaches. Similarly, in some specialist industries valuation models and due diligence methods may be quite idiosyncratic and need to be presented alongside the more standard, traditional model in order to apply more closely to the way an organisation might transact in a particular industry.

In our experience, consistency of process promotes consistent results and assures efficiency from both a timescale and a cost perspective so it is important to have a common process across an enterprise wherever possible. If this commonality exists it is then possible to evolve process on a group wide basis (whether it be through experience or legislative change, or both) in a relatively seamless manner, and in the shortest possible time.

For organisations that transact in many different geographies legal processes and legislation may differ but the internal drivers for return, timescales and decision making will still be the same. These similarities should drive a consistent process base across an organisation. Our bespoke Service offering allows an organisation of any size to homogenise an M&A process into a manageable, evolving business function.

All Bespoke Service solutions are priced individually and will include setup time where appropriate. Please Contact Us if you would like to speak to someone or receive some more information.