Intensive Sessions

Our Intensive Session is designed to provide a specific and detailed analysis of every step involved in either the acquisition or disposal of a business.

With over 30 steps involved in the complete process this session break them down both chronologically and in order of importance and builds up a profile that will allow senior management to understand exactly where they are in any M&A process with clarity and ease. As with the Overview Session, the Intensive Session will be biased towards the Client’s requirements (during the Pre-Consultation Session) for either an acquisition or disposal process but will review the perspective from both sides continually as it is an important aspect to understand during any transaction.

Who should attend this session?
Directors, owners, Board members of Companies and others who are directly involved with (or likely to be directly involved with) the acquisition or sale of a business.

No understanding or previous experience of acquisitions or disposals is assumed or required in order to attend this course.

Material Covered During the Session

  • Complete step by step breakdown of the five major steps in any acquisition or disposal in chronological, strategic and tactical order
  • Detailed review of the personnel involved at each stage and their respective responsibilities
  • Advice on how to engage and negotiate fees with advisors
  • How to build a relevant Return on Investment model for an acquisition
  • How to communicate correctly with your Board during a transaction
  • How to avoid the common mistakes and errors made during most transactions
  • How to prepare properly for an acquisition integration
  • How to negotiate Warranties and the importance of Disclosure
  • The pros and cons of selling shares versus selling assets (from both sides)

The objective of this session is to provide each delegate with a clear understanding of how to transact either an acquisition or disposal, for assets or shares, knowing how to manage and control the process and interact with advisors and other third parties during every step of the way.

Duration and Location
The session takes two days and is usually provided on the Client’s premises.

Please Contact Us if you would like to speak to someone or receive some more information.