Live Events

Our Live Events are designed for busy Directors and other professionals that would like to drill down into some specific subjects in relation to the M&A process in a relatively small amount of time.

These ‘bite size’ sessions are open to the public and are usually attended by individual delegates at centralised locations. The objective of the sessions are to provide a significant amount of information in a small amount of time while also giving delegates the opportunity to collaborate and discuss the subjects being discussed in an open forum.

Examples of our Live Events are;

  • Strategic M&A Planning & Pre-Offer to Formal Negotiation
  • Due Diligence and appointing advisors & The SPA/APA process
  • Completion & Post-Completion
  • Red light, Green Light Decision Making & Tactical negotiations

Duration and Location
Usually two subjects are selected and are run through in as much detail as possible between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

Live Events Schedule 2010/11

Bespoke service can also be used to create a custom set of sessions for your organisation if the Live Events don’t exactly fit your requirements.

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