At Red Crocodile we want to continue our relationship with you long after we’ve provided the critical information needed to plan and begin the implementation of your M&A strategy.

There’s nothing like the real thing to come up with scenarios and circumstances that may need some extra support or help as the need arises. Our Mentoring Service is a confidential facility available to all existing Clients and is provided on an annual retainer basis.

When you subscribe to our Mentoring Service we are available during working hours each day to support you by helping you with any questions or queries that you may have with any process that you may actually be in or are considering. The point behind the service is to enhance the knowledge that you already have by helping you to deal with any idiosyncratic circumstances that may arise along the way.

You can choose the retainer time limit that suits you in any particular 12 month period to suit your budget and, the higher the value of the retainer you take with us, the higher the discount you receive on any future sessions purchased (up to 50%).

All advice is given in an impartial basis and in the unlikely situation where we are asked to Mentor two clients transacting together we will decline due to a conflict of interest. Please also note that we are not able to provide specific financial advice as we are not regulated by the FSA. However, process, tactics, strategy, negotiation and planning all come within the remit of this service.

Our Mentoring services are provided either on a day-rate or contract price basis. Please Contact Us if you would like to speak to someone or receive some more information.