Red Crocodile Merger and Acquisition Services

Depending upon your company’s particular circumstances, or where you are in the execution of your M&A strategy, you may need differing types of support from Red Crocodile.

Meticulous planning is a very strong part of any successful strategic execution and in our opinion it is extremely difficult to plan for a successful acquisition or disposal without a thorough understanding of the processes involved, the timescales that should be allowed for each aspect of it, and a clear recognition of the risks involved and how to mitigate them.

We have created a range of services in order to give you and your team the process support that you may feel you need dependant on where you feel you are in your M&A lifecycle.  For example, if you feel that buying or selling a business is something that you want to consider as part of your medium term planning then perhaps our Overview Session would provide the most value to you.  The Overview shows you the ‘big picture’ of the buy and sell process  and gives you enough information in order to plan your activities with confidence whilst managing expectations.

If your a little further down the road and would like to understand the intricacies of the process in more detail, then you need to consider our Intensive Sessions.  The Intensive sessions breaks the entire process down into over 30 components and walks you through them, step by step, both chronologically and tactically in order to give you a thorough grounding from start to finish, and beyond.  These sessions cover the process from both the Buyer and the Sellers perspective so you will always have an understanding of both sides of the coin.  From advisors fees to Warranty negotiations, from ‘tips and tricks’ to sharp practice, no aspect is left  uncovered in order to give you a complete understanding and feeling of control in your transaction.

If you’ve transacted in M&A deals before and experience has shown you that perhaps you might benefit from a review of a specific aspect of the process then you may be more suited to our Live Events.  In these sessions we pick two subjects and spend a morning reviewing them in great detail in order to bring you right up to speed with current thinking and best practice.  These are usually open sessions and may have up to 15 delegates attending.

Some company’s are quite structured when it comes to building an M&A practice within their organisation and have clear policies and guidelines for what they want to achieve.  Quite often mentoring is provided by the senior members of the team, but often these people are extremely busy and can’t afford the time to go into as much detail as perhaps they would like.  In these circumstances we would recommend one of our Bespoke Sessions. By their nature these sessions allow you to tailor the content to exact and individual needs.  We will work with you in order to ensure that you get the most from the sessions and can even introduce parts of your corporate policy into the sessions in order to make them more specific and beneficial to the attendees.

Sometimes just understanding the process isn’t enough.  You need the benefit of discussing your options and alternatives with someone who’s been through it before and can help you understand what to expect.  If you’ve planned well and are now embarking on your M&A activities and you feel that you might benefit from some impartial and objective advice at certain key times then you may find our Mentoring Service to be of real value to you.  Our mentoring facility is available on an annualised basis and is there when you need it to support you in your decision making process.

Some businesses need more help than others when it comes to planning and the choice of strategic direction.  In particular, when it comes to the pre-planning for an M&A campaign there are a lot of factors to be taken into account, many of which are avoided or ignored through a lack of experience.  If you feel your company would benefit from some ‘hands-on’ support during this stage of your corporate evolution then you should consider our Strategic Consulting Service.  Let us help you, with a specific aim in mind, to get the best results in the shortest period of time.  If relevant we can incorporate aspects of any of the above services into the consulting package in order to ensure you get the best value.

With the exception of our Focussed Sessions we provide a Pre-Consultation Service (PCS) before the uptake of any of our process sessions.  The idea behind the PCS is to familiarise ourselves with your organisation, your requirements and the personnel attending.  This way we get a clear understanding of who you are and what your expectations are from our service.  All our pre-consultations are free of charge, are usually transacted via a Webex Interactive Conference and take about 30 minutes to complete.

Please Contact Us if you would like to speak to someone or receive some more information.