Overview Sessions

Our Overview Session is ideal for owners and Directors of Companies who are considering their options with respect to M&A activities in the short to medium term.

If you are planning to either buy or sell a business in the next 18 to 36 months then (apart from the many other things that can be done in order to either enhance the sale value or to prepare for an acquisition) getting a handle on all of the constituent components of the M&A process is a vital part of that plan. 

As with every process, some aspects are more important than others and we will focus on these crucial aspects and highlight the areas that will require the most preparation and consideration.  As with all of our sessions we will provide a perspective from both the buyer and the sellers point of view so that you can understand and interpret signals as and when they occur to your advantage.  The bias for the session will be provided by you during the Pre-Consultation in which you will hep us to understand whether you’re more likely to buy or sell, thus helping us to tailor the session closer to your exact requirements.

Who should attend this session?
Directors, owners, Board members of Companies and others who are directly involved with (or likely to be directly involved with) the acquisition or sale of a business.

No understanding or previous experience of acquisitions or disposals is assumed or required in order to attend this course.

Material Covered During the Session
The Overview  session is designed to provide a précis of the five major steps in any acquisition or disposal, from Pre-Offer to Completion, drilling down in more detail into the more complex, strategic, tactical and important decision making aspects of the process.  The objective of the session is to provide the delegate with a clear understanding of the process from beginning to end, including tactical and strategic awareness of how to engage with an acquiring or disposing third party.  The session will also cover Return on Investment planning, integration planning (both for acquirers) and basic valuation metrics.

Duration and Location
The session takes one day and is usually provided on the Client’s premises.

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