Sometimes the hardest thing about a business or corporate strategy is knowing where to start.

As a Senior Executive you probably already know that planning is as important, if not more so, than execution. Your job quite often revolves around strategic planning, making tactical decisions and dealing with all the contingencies that arise in-between.

Its easy to suggest that M&A should form part of your overall strategic plan but do you really know what embarking on that path entails? Long before you actually get embroiled in a transaction there is a significant amount of planning and decision making that needs to be done in order to make sure that any deal is done in such a way as to maximise the future value of the current business.

Making the decision to either buy or sell a business is quite a responsibility and companies make these decisions for many different reasons. Clearly the path to a purchase is often diametrically opposite to the path of a sale. Also, although a lot of acquisitions and disposals take place in the UK and Ireland every year, it is much more likely that any conversations that take place between two organisations will lead to nothing and the process will have to start again.

A clear structure, program and above all patience are required for any business considering buying or selling as an option.

If you feel that your company would benefit from some external help when it comes to considering all the options before you start implementing a strategic policy such as M&A then a consultation with Red Crocodile may be exactly what you need. We can help you form a plan, create a framework for execution and help instigate methods to manage expectations. These kinds of interactions can be provided and explained to you with the benefit of significant experience and we’re sure that your plans and the ability to execute them will benefit as a result.

Again, similar to our other services, we start with a free Pre-Consultation in order to understand exactly how we can begin to support and help you.

Our Strategic Consulting services are provided either on a day-rate or contract price basis. Please Contact Us if you would like to speak to someone or receive some more information.