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You don’t have to do this on your own

Let us support you with Best Practice, pragmatism and our experiences


Understand and describe the Big Picture and what it ultimately means for your business


Build a realistic plan to make your Strategy come to life


Energise your Sales & Marketing functions and align them with your goals


Keep control of the day-to-day noise so you can focus on what’s important. Always

Would you like a free evaluation of your business?

We'll provide some objectivity, and something for you to consider

Where do you most need support?

It’s usually with one or more of the following areas

Optimizing Sales & Marketing

Get the right people, on the right plan, selling the right things, and at the right price. How hard can it be?

Business Model Analysis

How sure are you that your Business Model is optimal for both you AND your customers? Could you be making more revenue?

Managing Working Capital

You can never be in denial about cash. Let’s understand your unique gearing and expose your true Working Capital requirements

Leadership Mentoring & Development

Could you or your team do better? What skills or development paths would make you unbeatable?

Handling Staff

Can you manage performance and behaviour? How does your Team’s personality influence staff retention and loyalty?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you have the opportunity to scale quicker than organic growth? Could you buy and integrate a competitor successfully?


Let’s evaluate where you are now and give you some constructive feedback


There is a definitive requirement. Let’s plan it out and make it happen

Continuous Assignments

If your requirements aren’t specifically project based, and you’re looking to design and execute longer term strategies, we can support you as and when you need us


Lean on our experiences and we’ll help you climb the tallest mountains

Do these project examples reasonate with you?

Examples of some areas where we’ve made a real difference

<strong>Start-up Mode Step Change</strong>
Start-up Mode Step Change
We’ve scaled businesses and removed the barriers to growth so you can create much more value. Don’t just aspire to grow.
Do it!

<strong>Becoming a Sales Led Business</strong>
Becoming a Sales Led Business
Sales Leadership
Let us help you re-position your business so Sales becomes a primary focus. Understand the numbers game, and why activity leads to revenue

<strong>Delivering Process Automation</strong>
Delivering Process Automation
Operational Consistency
Deep dive into process workflow for optimal efficiency and consistent teamwork. Repeatability is the key to lower overheads and higher margins

<strong>Raising Working Capital</strong>
Raising Working Capital
Financial Affairs
Sometimes scale needs more funds. We’ll position you to raise the smart money you need

There are many reasons why our clients love us

Al Preble
I founded Cambridge Leadership Group after grad school.  I wanted to bring to the market much of what I learned at Columbia and Harvard.  By all accounts it was a success… only we stopped growing and I struggled to understand why.  Eamus provided me with both the knowledge and support I needed to transform the company into a scalable and growing enterprise.  He has been with me every step of the way.  His insights and counsel continue to be invaluable.
Diane Newell
A trusted advisor and long-term Chairman, who's been a constant source of support and help. Red Crocodile has helped us dramatically change the shape of our business over time
Hans van der Linden
From process control to sales management, Red Crocodile enhanced and supported our growth and scale strategies. Highly recommended!

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