Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurialism!

Red Crocodile has been 25 years in the making…

A culmination of our experiences has got us to where we are today. We’ve learnt how to fail, and from that learnt, how to succeed properly. Now you can do the same, BUT, with the benefit of the hindsight of others. We have lifetimes worth of Public and Private company experience, multiple successful exits, have handled over 30 M&A transactions and raised over £50m in corporate finance for ventures ranging from transformations to IPO’s.

We are wedded to clear strategies, true collaborative leadership, ‘can do’ cultures and zero-political workspaces.

If we could offer you two pieces of advice it would be to keep things simple and to always aspire to do the right thing. This is very easily said but very hard to achieve! This is why we love doing what we do; whether it be pure strategy or mentoring a team, if we feel we’ve made a difference that’s all the dopamine we need.

Working primarily in the UK & US we get to see a very broad spectrum of business activities and are lucky to experience the opportunity to provide our support and objectivity across an even broader range of industries, ranging from Leadership & Development to MedTech to Recruitment to Solar Energy and many more besides. In particular, we have significant experience in SaaS start-up, design, build and go-to-market. We hold a number of non-exec Director and Chairman roles, across a wide range of industries and interests.

We’ve been blessed and privileged to work with some world-class professionals along the way and we’d like to think that a little bit of their magic has rubbed off on us too. In this game, you never stop learning if you’re humble enough to accept the views and achievements of others at face value.

We pride ourselves in not bringing an ego to your business; we simply want to observe, evaluate, provide unbiased and objective feedback, and then help you plan from there.

If this is what you need, look no further.